Saturday, November 7, 2009


After weeks of having trouble with blogger, and then realizing the problem was with me, I am finally able to update my blog. Now that it's November I plan to give you a general overview of our life of a family of four so far. So we will begin with the month of September.

September was pretty much a blurr. We were in full survival mode. We were fortunate to have help for three weeks after Nolan was born. We have a great family and everyone really pulled together for us. Our birth and recovery was not what we had planned on but we got through it. With all of the help gone we were happy to see what life was like as a family of four.

One of the big events of the month was celebrating Steven's 3- birthday. He happened to be traveling for work on his actual birthday, but we made sure we celebrated him when he was home.

Here he is watching football with two of his three favorite people.

Getting started on tummy time is so important.

Snuggling with mommy is always good.

We just love his chubby cheeks.

Hanging out with big brother.

He really does love his brother.

All in all it was a good month but we are glad it's over.

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