Monday, March 31, 2008


Easter Sunday was at our house this year. Sunday's seem to be so hard on Camden anyway with Church and skipping a nap. It was just easier to have him home napping in his own bed in the afternoon. His Nana, Aunt, Uncle and dear friends of ours (We missed you Lisa & family!) came over for dinner. It was fun and very low key. Camden got to finally love on Ava as he was finally over his cold. As you can see he does really love his cousin despite what the pictures say. We should have the rest of our pictures up on our website soon.

Cute boy in his Easter outfit.

Easter basket fun.

Is there such thing as a love bite?

He does really love his cousin!

Eye Update

So, some of you have been asking about Camden's eye. We are happy to report that the goop is gone. We haven't updated the blog because we didn't want to speak too soon. We were told that it could take a couple of weeks to be sure that it worked. We are happy that the probing did work. Camden will go in next week for a thorough eye exam just to make sure everything is healthy. We will give the final report then (he also has a weigh in the same day so be looking for the full update on Camden). I added a couple of pictures of his eye before and after (I hope this doesn't gross anyone out). We are so happy to have the goop be gone!


First Grass

We took these pictures at my sister's house. We were visting Ava and it was a beautiful day. Camden was getting fussy so Steven took him outside (a good Dad trick). The first picture is just really cute of Steven and his boy. Camden enjoyed crawling between Steven's legs. We then put him in the yard to let him discover grass for the first time. He didn't like it so much. When he went to crawl he would only put one hand down so the other hand wouldn't have to touch the prickly grass. It took him a while but he finally crawled to the safety of his Dad's legs.

We told him if he doesn't like our grass then he will hate Texas. The grass there is thick, prickly and mean.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inspiration and Credit

I was first inspired to change my blog when my sister-in-law Diana changed hers a few months ago. You can check hers out by clicking the link to the right. We've just added a picture of the Seattle skyline to our blog title. That inspiration came from the mountain view on Melanie's blog (again the link is on the right). I've been thinking of ways to make my blog better and over time I have been able to make little adjustments here and there. I felt that if I was going to steal ideas from your blog, I had better give credit where credit's due. Thank you ladies for the inspiration as you can see I enjoy your blogs.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Goopy Eye

Many of you may have noticed that Camden's right eye has been really goopy since birth. He was born with a blocked tear duct. We were told that he would probably outgrow it by age one. That never happened. We were told when he turned one that he would be old enough to see an opthamologist and we could discuss our choices. This past Friday Camden and I got to see his eye doctor. They looked him over and went over our choices. Basically we were told that they could do a thorough eye exam and make sure his eye was healthy, send us home and hope it would clear up in a month. Our second choice was to get his eye probed. They basically take a probe looking thing with a camera attached to the end of it and go through his tear duct and clear it out. Because he was under 25 pounds, they wouldn't need to do it in the hospital or put him under anesthesia. The only down side to this was that it might not work the first time causing them to have to do it again two weeks later. If the procedure didn't work after two times then we would have to have tubes put in his tear duct. The doctor said that he didn't feel that we needed to get probed unless the goop really bothered Camden, Steven or myself. I told them that it really bothered us. I think in the last year I have wiped Camden's eye more times than I have ever wiped his nose. We are ready to be done with that. We were already in the office so we opted to get Camden probed. They took him back to a room (I was told to wait in the waiting room) and they bundled Camden up so he couldn't move. They held his head and went in with the probe. I waited around two minutes. It was really fast and they told me it hurt about as bad as an immunization shot. I talked to the doctor afterward and he told me it went really well. When he went in, he found a big membrane and popped it. He found a few more smaller ones and cleared them out as well. He told me the first one was so big that he didn't think it would have cleared up on it's own. We felt good that we made the right choice to probe him that day. Please pray that Camden's eye would heal so that he would not need another probing in two weeks or tubes in a month.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Santa Suprise

For Christmas our sister-in-law Laura gave Steven this really cute santa tin filled with goodies for Christmas. Once we made our way through all of the sweets (thanks Laura they were yummy) we gave Camden the tin to play with. He has fun with it. One morning we opened the tin and found some of Camden's little toys inside. That was a fun surprise. After a couple of days of this I made a comment to Steven that we enjoyed his little surprises for us every morning. Steven told me that it wasn't intentional but he was just trying to save space in Camden's toy basket. After hearing about this Steven turned this into a tradition. Steven now fills the tin with different toys every night. Every Morning Camden and I open the tin to see the suprises (and sometimes even a little love note for mommy). It isn't a huge deal but it sure keeps Camden entertained for a while.


This was really cute. We have a whole night time routine when we are putting Camden to bed. We both give Camden a bath. We both get him ready for bed. One of us holds him and the other reads him a book. For some reason this night Camden was extra difficult so I was cleaning up the aftermath of his bath and Steven was taking care of Camden. I came into the room when I was done and Steven was balancing Camden and reading him a Bible story (so sweet). It seems to be whenever Steven holds Camden he will put his little arm around Steven's neck. It is so cute they are buddies already. So when I walked in the room Camden had his arm around Steven's neck and was listening intently to the story. Then he turned his head and smiled at me. He really loves his daddy. It was a very precious moment.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ava Lee

What a busy weekend with a brithday party and a new baby. I am finally getting around to posting pictures of our niece. We hope to have first brithday party pictures posted soon.