Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dog Park

We recently visited a dog park in our neighborhood. It is just a temporary one. They are trying to see what kind of interest it will get before building a more permanent one. We decided to take the family on opening day. We rarely do anything for our dog Pepper anymore. It's usually all about Camden, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to make it about Pepper.

As it turns out Pepper couldn't hate that park anymore, and Camden couldn't love it anymore. It was of course crowded with dogs, and there were a lot of over anxious big dogs at this park. Pepper I am not sure really thinks of himself as a dog, so being surrounded by them was not his idea of fun. Then there is all of the sniffing of each other and chasing. I ended up holding him most of the time.

Camden however must think of himself as a dog. This was by far his favorite park he had ever been to. He had a great time running all over the park, in an out of dogs. He chased dogs, and he was chased by dogs. He climbed on all of the rocks. The only thing that separated him from the dogs was that he peed in his diaper, oh and he wasn't into sniffing bottoms. We had such a hard time dragging him out of there. Oh well, next time we will just have to take Camden there to get his exercise.

I think this is the only picture of Pepper on the ground.

Cousin Bath

Oh I love bath time. It's so fun when you can have a friend to play with. We visited my sister a little while ago and decided to bathe the kids before we headed home.

Camden had no problem washing his cousins hair and dumping water on her head.

And of course you have to do silly hair styles before getting them out.