Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I unfortunately don't have a picture for this post but I will just have to explain it the best I can. Today Camden and I ended up doing our big chore of going to Costco. Now, I usually don't mind going to Costco except for the fact that you always end up spending a ton of money. Our Costco coupons came so I was going to take advantage of them. I usually try to plan my trips around the weather. I try not to go when it's raining ( I realize that is a little challenging in this state). We have had some great weather lately so I thought we should go today. It wasn't raining when I left my house. When I got to Issaquah it was raining buckets. I couldn't believe it. The parking lot was filling with water. I even stayed in the car for a while waiting for it to die down. Our plan was already off to a challenging start. None the less we ventured out in the rain. I got in line to get a churro and coke. The churro was to keep Camden happy the coke was for me. Camden ended up loving the churro (who knew the kid likes something that is fattening). I let him eat it slowly so it would last the entire time. I spent some of the time texting Steven asking him about certain products that I needed to buy. At some point Camden had my phone in between texts. He had it for around two minutes before I put it in my pocket. I had just sent a text to Steven when I heard my phone ringing in my pocket. Great, Steven was calling to help me figure out what to buy. The number came up "withheld" so I answered it anyway. I said "Hello" then I heard "this is 911 emergency, we just had a hang up from this phone, is there an emergency?" Oh my gosh, I can't believe in the two minutes Camden had my phone he dialed 911 then pushed send and then hung up. The kid refuses to walk but can dial 911. I quickly fessed up there was no emergency and that my son had my phone for only a couple of minutes. I got a very polite but firm lecture about how my phone is not a toy. I thanked them and told them I wouldn't let it happen again. We quickly finished our shopping trip and headed home.
I know every parent expects 911 to be called at some point I just never thought that would happen at Costco. Camden is certainly already keeping us on our toes.

Family Day at the Pool!

Saturday was so warm and beautiful we decided it was a perfect day to go swimming. It was our first time in a pool this year. We were a little unsure of how Camden would like cold water (well colder than his bath). We had no expectations for the day. We would leave whenever he had enough. We ended up staying in the water for about two hours. Camden loved swimming. We brought along his floaty that he could sit in. He seemed so relaxed in it just sitting back and kicking his feet around. He even tried jumping off of the side of the pool (or falling off of the side of the pool) into his Nana's arms. He really enjoyed the water.

Here is Camden relaxing and floating on my back. I just love this picture!

He had a lot of fun playing in the water with Dada.
After we went swimming we relaxed on the side of the pool. Nana had a box of animal crackers and Camden ended up eating the whole box (thanks for sharing Nana)! Camden was so tuckered he just put his head down on his Dada for a rest.

We hope to have the rest of the pictures posted on our website soon!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Bear Sighting!!

Last night we took a little family outing to Snoqualmie Falls that is located two miles from our home. Steven likes to tell people it's in our back yard. We try to go there often because it is so beautiful and close. With all of the recent "warmer" weather we have been having, tons of snow has started to melt in the mountains. It has made Snoqualmie Falls bursting with water. It is a pretty incredible sight to see. It has the most water flowing through it that I have ever seen, so you must take the opportunity to come and see it for yourself. We took a video and more pictures that we will post on our website soon.

On our way home, we were driving on the parkway close to our house when I noticed a bear walking up the hillside. I quickly pulled over and Steven and my mom began taking pictures. It walked up the hill next to us and then turned around and stared at us before walking off into the woods. It was a young looking black bear. We enjoyed the bear as long as we could before calling 911 to report it. I don't think Steven will be jogging with Camden on the trails anytime soon!

The bear blends in so well with the background.

This last picture you can really only see the bear's head.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


OK, so it's been a while since my last post. It has been a crazy past couple of weeks for our family. First Steven went to Moscow, and while he was gone I of course had a week long migraine. He got back into town just in time for all of us to take a quick trip down to California. It seems as though our busy summer has already started.

Camden is doing much better with food. Since we found out that his test results were normal we all got back to normal. That really means I calmed down about the "food issue" and mealtime became a much more pleasant experience. Camden isn't so picky and I am finding what he likes and making it for him over and over again. I even switched him to a different booster seat so he could sit at the table (thinking that would motivate him to eat more). All it did was teach him he could stand and eat and squish his face into our glass table.

He seems to be our little ham always trying to get us to laugh at what he's doing (much like his mommy did when she was a little girl).

Below are some pictures I took of him "hamming" it up at the table before I switched him back to the booster where he can't stand up.

He is quite the little Ham!