Saturday, September 5, 2009

Extended Hospital Stay

At 34 hours of life we learned that Nolan's jaundice levels were high and we needed to start photo therapy as soon as possible. He started out on a bili bed in our room and spent the night on the lights. The next morning another blood test was taken and his level was even higher... we moved up to the big lights. I was discharged on Tuesday and Nolan was admitted to the Infant Special Care Unit (ISCU) at Swedish the same day. He was put in an incubator and put under intense photo therapy lights. We moved in with him and waited. His levels moved back down, but very slowly.

The high light of our day was Camden coming to visit his brother. He really does love him.

We spent the week resting and taking care of Nolan while waiting and waiting for his levels to move down to a safer level. Caring for him was difficult at times. We could only have him out of the lights for twenty minutes every three hours. We spent that time feeding him. Diaper changes were mostly done while he was in his incubator.

The only time I got to hold him was during his feedings.

His level finally went down low enough for us to take him off the lights. We did have to wait six hours before taking him home to make sure he didn't rebound. Here he is sleeping so soundly without his sunglasses.

A week after we checked in (almost to the minute) we got to check out and take Nolan home.
It was good to be back home.


Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza said...

So funny to see Camden as such a blondie now and Nolan's dark hair....I wonder if it will turn light too???:) Precious boys!!

Brooke and/or Grace said...

Wow, what a difficult week that must have been! I am so glad that you're all home now and able to snuggle all you want. Can't wait to meet Nolan. He's adorable.