Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blood Test Results

We had Camden's blood tested yesterday at a local hospital. It wasn't a pleasant experience. It took a while for them to find a vein on his little arm. Once they found one they were able to get the blood out fairly quickly. I think the worst part of it for Camden was being held down. He recovered quickly probably because of the push pop I had waiting for him. They gave him a stuffed frog for being such a good trooper (they also tried to use it to entertain him while getting his blood drawn). He doesn't really like it much. I think it reminds him of the whole experience. He now has three stuffed animals from three different trips to the hospital in the last year (not all the trips were for him) but we won't get into all of that now.
The test results came back today and everything looks completely normal. Praise God!! They tested for many different things and everything came back with good results. Camden's doctor believes he is just a picky eater. This completely baffles Steven and me as we were never picky eaters. This must come from other members in our family. We won't name names but you know who you are...(living in Georgia). We will still monitor him closely with weight checks about every six weeks. We will do all we can to fatten him up. I am also looking into meeting with a nutritionist to get some more helpful ideas. I am still convinced that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. It just doesn't ever get easier, but it's totally worth it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on Camden

So we have one big praise about Camden's eye. We took him to the eye doctor and they did a thorough eye exam and everything looks good. The goop is gone. He has two beautiful eyes that are hazel (just like his dad's). He is a little bit far sided but that is perfectly normal at this age. We will have his eyes re-checked in a year. We can now kiss Camden on the right cheek and not worry about goop running down his face. Praise God for healing his eye without needing surgery or anesthesia!

The weight issue is still the same. I took him to the doctor this week for a weight check. He still weighs about the same. He may have gone up in weight some but then got sick and dropped back down. His doctor is not too worried. He has not dropped in percentiles and the doctor just wants to still monitor Camden closely. He could tell that I am a little more worried than I should be. We have opted to get some blood work done on Camden just to rule things out. We are hopefully confident that things will come back normal but ready to deal with whatefver God hands us. We will also be looking into meeting with a nuitritionist to help us deal with our little "picky pants". We could really use all of your prayers. I am trying not to stress about it and make his eating situations worse. Camden also has a bug that is causing him not to eat much this week and that doesn't help. We will hopefully get results back next week and let you know what we hear. Thank you for your friendship and support.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Snow (again)!

This past weekend it snowed in our neighborhood several inches. We decided to take what we hoped to be our final family walk in the snow until next winter. Everything was covered in white and so beautiful. We bundled up Camden in his snow suit that is almost too small for him. We got Pepper on his leash and we were off to our favorite walking spot, the bog. We took several pictures of all of us enjoying the snow. Camden even tried eating some snow while Steven was holding him. He reached out on his own grabbed some and put it in his mouth. I think he thought it was pretty good (if only there were calories in snow). Camden decided he had enough so we headed home (the poor boy was frozen). He was fine once we got home and thawed him out. It snowed again Sunday and Monday night before winter finally gave in to spring. Now it is sunny and into the 5o's. We are all excited for warmer weather.

This first picture a man stopped to take our picture for us. His dog made it into the picture and ours didn't.