Friday, September 21, 2007

First Rice Cereal

At five months we were told we could start feeding Camden his first rice cereal. We were all so excited including Camden (see first picture). Our Doctor told us he would love rice cereal, that all kids do.

Not Camden!

Here is the excitement and anticipation of his first rice cereal.

First bite, open wide.

"Daddy, what did you just put in my mouth!"

" I am not impressed!"


Snuggling in with Nana!

"Nana I missed you"


A walk to the bog with Granna and Pop.


Special time with Granna reading books.

"Stories are nice Granna, but they are also good for chewing"

Yellow Balloon

While Granna and Pop were visiting we had our traditional meal at Red Robin. Before we left Pop gave Camden his first balloon. It was a big hit with Camden.
Thanks Pop!


Daddy shows Camden his first snake!

I have a feeling there will be many more pictures like this in the future.