Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Camden's First Turkey

The Centerpiece

The Table

Friday, December 21, 2007

Daryl, Diana and Brynna come to visit.

Cousins have so much fun together.

Holding hands in their booster seats,

Having fun in baskets,

Having fun in Camden's crib,

Having fun in the big bed,

Having fun in the tub,

Kissing Cousins,

Cute family photo at the lake,

Sledding in the snow.

First Coffee

Camden wants to drink coffee just like his Daddy.
He didn't know it was empty.

Auntie Liz up to no good...

His first taste of candy cane...

First lolli pop at Cannon Beach...

We need to keep an eye on her!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Father's Day

For Father's day we bought tickets to a Miami Dolphins game while in Florida (this is Steven's NFL team). We bought our tickets in July. We didn't get great seats, but we were excited none the less. When the game day came, the weather was looking crazy with rain, thunder, and lightening expected. We had come a long way, so we were not going to miss this game. In the lobby of our hotel a very nice couple asked us if we were going to the game (they noticed us in our Dolphin garb). They had tickets but decided not to go due to the weather. They gave us their tickets and we ended up sitting very close to the action. The weather was still crazy. The game was delayed for about a half an hour because of lightening. It finally cleared up and was good enough to watch the game. The Dolphins lost the game, but it was still a great experience.

Daddy and Camden and watching the game.
Camden thought that this was a good place to take a nap at the game.


Camden was a shark for his first Halloween. We think he was the cutest shark we have ever seen.

We actually found this costume last year when I was pregnant with Camden. We both really liked the costume and wanted to buy it. We weren't sure if we were having a boy or a girl (though we had a gut feeling) so we held off and didn't buy it. We were happy to find it for sale again this year.

He is our vegetarian shark.

Florida Vacation

Our Florida Vacation. Too many pictures to blog. You can look at our website to see our full vacation. This trip was a great opportunity to see family who can't make it out to Seattle. It was also a chance to leave the autumn rain in Seattle to go somewhere sunny and warm, so we can't complain. We began our trip in Ft. Lauderdale visiting Steven's Granddaddy. We had fun visiting him and visiting the beaches. Now Camden has dipped his feet in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.

Next we went to Clearwater on the Gulf coast. We had a chance to see Steven's Grandma, Aunt and Uncle, and cousins. We also visited the beach and swam in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a great trip and it went by way too quickly.

My favorite picture of our family in Florida.

Baby Dedication

We had Camden dedicated at our Church on September 16th, 2007. For those of you who don't know what that is we are called up to the front of the church with Camden and are committing to raise Camden in a home committed to following Jesus. The pastor prays for us and the congregation is committing to holding us accountable to that. We had a good group of friends and family sitting in the congregation.

This was a special day for our family.

The quilting committee at our church made Camden a quilt in honor of this special day. They stitched his verse on the quilt. You can see Camden sitting on his quilt in the last picture.

Playtime with Daddy

Steven is excited Camden is finally old enough to be roughed up. They have a great time playing together. Camden looks forward to his Daddy coming home every day. Mommy is happy to have Daddy home too.

Oregon Coast

For our fifth anniversary Steven and I decided to do something as a family. Liz and Ty decided to come along and get away for a fun weekend. We drove down to the Oregon coast and rented a house just a couple of blocks from the beach. It was a great weekend. We had great weather and had a great time at the beach. We even had time to tour the Tillamook Cheese factory which we highly recommend.

It was a great Anniversary.


Ok, So I have been not so great at blogging. I am way behind on our life. I am going to quickly catch you up and start fresh from here. Life with a baby is so busy and I will do my best to keep up with it blogging. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Play date

Ethan thought of a better way to use the bumbo.

Pepper did not approve. He kept barking at Ethan.

Play date

Emma and Ethan come to play.

They all fit in my car. Now we know we can have three kids!

Sleeping with Mommy

Holding on so tight, making sure mommy isn't going anywhere!

I will miss this!

Friday, September 21, 2007

First Rice Cereal

At five months we were told we could start feeding Camden his first rice cereal. We were all so excited including Camden (see first picture). Our Doctor told us he would love rice cereal, that all kids do.

Not Camden!

Here is the excitement and anticipation of his first rice cereal.

First bite, open wide.

"Daddy, what did you just put in my mouth!"

" I am not impressed!"


Snuggling in with Nana!

"Nana I missed you"


A walk to the bog with Granna and Pop.


Special time with Granna reading books.

"Stories are nice Granna, but they are also good for chewing"

Yellow Balloon

While Granna and Pop were visiting we had our traditional meal at Red Robin. Before we left Pop gave Camden his first balloon. It was a big hit with Camden.
Thanks Pop!


Daddy shows Camden his first snake!

I have a feeling there will be many more pictures like this in the future.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our First Boat Ride

My Grandpa gave my mom his boat at the beginning of the summer. I spent many summers learning how to fish on this exact boat with my Grandparents. This boat is special to me so I was excited to take Camden out on the same boat. It was a beautiful day to cruise Lake Washington. Camden looked so cute in his new life jacket. We cruised around Mercer Island and Camden slept the entire time. Oh well, someday he will appreciate this boat and maybe even learn to fish from it.

First Hat

This is the first hat we bought for Camden. He looks so cute in it. We put it on him and he didn't seem to mind at all. It has a picture of a safari on it. He will probably love to be outside with all of the animals just like his Daddy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rolling Over

On July 19th Camden rolled over for the first time. I didn't know I could be so excited about something so small. We had been waiting for him to do it for a while. He finally did it all by himself and we think he is amazing. I took this picture right after he rolled himself over and then we called to tell daddy at work!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fourth of July

Family Photo on the fourth

Fourth of July

This was Camden's first Fourth of July. He looked so cute all decked out in red, white and blue. We got these little flags to put into his hands. He holds anything in his hands without realizing it. We got some cute pictures. We celebrated by having a BBQ with several of our friends. Most of our friends have babies now so everyone was gone by 8pm. Steven and I put Camden to bed and then watched the fireworks from our guest bedroom.