Thursday, May 31, 2007

My First Mother's Day!

We had a chance to celebrate my first Mother's day this past weekend. Steven and I were both out of town on the actual Mother's day. We had a fun day. We went to Pike's Place Market and went shopping whereI got fresh flowers (my favorite). Later my mom came over to babysit. We had a chance to go out to dinner without a colicky baby (thanks Nana). You can see that I am wearing my Mother's day gift in the picture, It is an amethyst pendent necklace which is Camden's birth stone. Steven and Camden made it a great day. I will always remember this special Mother's day.

My First Mother's Day!

Pike's Place Market

Saturday, May 26, 2007


After a long week of us both being in two different places we were happy to be together as a family again. Camden was happy to see his daddy and Steven was happy to see Camden. Camden grew some while he was gone, and he gained some weight. He can also hold his head up better. After a very long week of being away all they wanted to do was nap together.

Trip to Moscow

While Jessie and Camden were in Texas, I was in Moscow, Russia for work. Boeing has an engineering facility over there, so this was a chance to have a lot of face to face meetings with the people that we work with virtually so much. It was a very exhausting week, but I got to walk around the city a lot after work. The weather was in the 60s and 70s the whole week, so it was nice being within a 15 minute walk of all the places I needed to go. I enjoyed getting to see the Kremlin, Red Square, and especially St. Basil's Cathedral (pictured). Moscow is a very clean and expensive city, and I was surprised by how European the city really is (fashion, language, religion, architecture, etc). I'm still a beginner at trying to understand the Russian language, but it was fun getting to see so many new things in a city with so much history. It was good to be home after a long week, but it did take me several days to adjust to the 11 hour time change.

Trip To Texas

In May Camden and I had a chance to go to visit family in Texas while Steven was in Moscow. It was Camden's first time on an airplane and he did pretty well. Camden had a chance to see his Granna and Pop who killed lots of spiders for his mommy (thanks Granna). I also had a chance to visit with my sister-in-law Diana and my neice Brynna who is sixteen months. It was the first chance for them to see Camden. At first Brynna was not very interested in her cousin but by the end of the week she was smitten. She called him "baby" all week. We had fun running around shopping and having fun with the kids. It was very warm while we were there and Camden's first real experience with heat. I think he is like his mom and dad who appreciate cooler weather.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Chris & Laura Toepfer

Chris and Laura finally got married. After dating for over 5 1/2 years Chris and Laura tied the Knot. They were married on May 5, 2007 in Kent Washington. It was a beautiful wedding and beautiful day. Steven was an usher and I got to read a poem during the ceremony. We feel so lucky to be apart of their special day. Chris and Laura were able to take a week long honeymoon in Canada and spent the rest of their time in the Seattle area with friends and family. They will be starting off their marriage living in Georgia and we hope to visit them in the next couple of months.
To see more pictures from their wedding you can visit our website at

Congratulations Chris and Laura!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome to our blog

Hello All,
Welcome to my blog. I am excited to share all the great new things that our family is up to. I hope to post a couple of times a week and share a little about what's going on with us. Phone calls are great and visits are even better. If you can't do either we welcome you to check in with us through our blog.