Saturday, October 18, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

OK, so I am posting about Labor Day weekend in October. My excuses are that I have been working as a Nanny part time starting right after Labor Day while also taking care of my family. I have to admit I wasn't excited to post about our Labor Day weekend. It was something we had been looking forward to all summer and it didn't go as planned.

Over Labor Day weekend we visited the Olympic Peninsula with my family. We stayed in a KOA campground in a two room cabin. It was pretty much the same as camping without a tent. We had heat and beds so I was satisfied. However Camden was miserable all weekend. We cut the weekend short to take him to the doctor. We found out that over the weekend he cut three teeth and got hand, foot and mouth disease. It was a rough weekend but we were able to have some fun. Get ready for family picture overload.

All of us at Hurricane Ridge.

I actually broke out in song "The Hills are Alive...". All I got was a few laughs.

It was really beautiful.

The Cabin was nice but small. I only cared that it had heat. They had a great swing on the front porch that we spent a lot of time on.

The first night we were really miserable. It took an hour and a half to get Camden to sleep. He ended up sleeping with us all night because he was so miserable. We were pushing Motrin and Tylenol every four hours and it didn't seem to make a dent. He even got a hold of our cell phone in the night and called his pop at 4:00am (oops).

My Mom offered to help us for a bit so we could go shower and get ready for bed. While we were gone Camden crawled on top of her and fell asleep. My mom was so afraid to move that she stayed that way until we got back (her poor neck).

We had to take a few pictures before we could help her out.

This was Camden's first real camping experience. He had fun with all of the dirt that was around. He handed piles of dirt to anyone that would take it.
Such a sweet boy.
You can tell in this picture he has a sore on his tongue and he is drooling from teething.

They even had a tether ball set at the campground. We all had fun playing.
This brought back memories from elementary school.
Liz can still play a mean game of tether ball. She can still beat anyone she plays.

My sweet boy and his Daddy. This is one of the last pictures taken with Camden and his Binky. We took it from him cold turkey shortly after returning home (once he was better of course). I will post more about that later.

We also went to The Olympic Game Farm while over on the peninsula. It was one of our highlights. You drive around this farm feeding bread to all kinds of different animals. We had a great time. Camden even got into it and had fun feeding this gentle llama. We definitely recommend you making a stop there if you make it over to the Olympic Peninsula. It is well worth the drive.

It was a bittersweet weekend. The end of our fun summer. Camden was miserable but he is still our sweet boy. If you haven't had enough of our weekend yet, we have pictures of our full weekend posted on our website.