Sunday, September 14, 2008

Todd & Lisa Visit.

Steven's friend from college Todd and his wife Lisa came for a visit this summer. They also brought along their son Zachary, who is two weeks younger than Camden. We had a lot of fun with them watching our boys meet for the first time. We even got a chance to go hiking with them. It was so fun spending the weekend with them and we hope to see them more often.

Two former Texas A&M roommates...

...and two future Texas A&M roommates.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Places to go, People to see

Lately Camden has enjoyed sitting in his Dada's car and pretending to drive it. Whenever he hears the garage door go up, he scrambles for the stairs and makes a mad dash to the garage before Steven gets out of his car. He mostly likes to turn the wheel and push the button to turn on the emergency flashers (good idea, Camden). For those of you who are worried, the car is in park the whole time with the engine off.

Hey Camden, It's illegal to talk and drive at the same time.

My Little Helper

This was so sweet. One day I was doing some extra cleaning around the house. This included washing our glass back door. Camden was playing contently before he noticed what I was doing. After a few minutes he came by to check it all out. I started complaining to him about all my low windows and doors getting dirty about 2 1/2 feet up. It didn't take him long to walk away from me. I thought that he had heard enough. He hadn't, so he walked over to the drawer where I keep my towels. He opened the drawer and pulled one out. He came over and helped me scrub the window.
This was the sweetest thing he has ever done in his life.
What a sweetie.